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Name :         
Muhammad Umar Al-Maliki 

SK Sri Gedong, SMKA Baling, KMPP, UTM



Hobbies and Interests:

Playing Games, Surf Internet, Reading Fact Books, Listening Music, Creating Animation

Favorite Books:

Kreko, Starz, Gempak, Utopia, Hype, Ujang, Gila-Gila, Wira Tunggal Pheonix, Parang Gila, Reader Digest, Arena, Wisel, Kereta, EPL, Kapcai, Mastika, National Geography, Dik Cerdas, Doraemon, Rave Master, One Piece, Tamar Jalis, Star Wars, Facts Books

Favorite Movies:

Star Wars 1, Star Wars 2:The Empire Strike Back, Star Wars 3:The Return of Jedi, Star Wars Episode1:The Phantom Menace,Star Wars Episode 2:Attack of The Clones, Star Wars Episode 3:Revenge of The Sith, Lord of The Ring: Fellowship of The Ring, Lord of The Ring: The Two Towers, Lord of The Ring: The Return of The King and Newest

Favorite Music:

Muse, Disagree, Sum 41, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Butterfingers and Nasyid..

Favorite TV Shows:

All Cartoons, National Georgraphy, Prison Break